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Chiao-Ping, Li

Li Chiao-Ping

Sally Banes Professor of Dance & Vilas Research Professor

Choy, Peggy

Peggy Choy

Associate Professor

Corby, Katherine

Kate Corby

Chair of Theatre and Drama, Professor

Eckman, Emily

Emily Eckman

Athletic Trainer

Harris, Andrea

Andrea Harris

Associate Professor

Heintz, Claude

Claude Heintz

Administrative Staff/Theater Director

Hofland, Chris

Chris Hofland

Department Administrator

Juarez, Ariel

Ariel (AJ) Juarez


Kadakia, Maya

Maya Kadakia

Lecturer/West African Dance

Kornblum, Rena

Rena Kornblum

Teaching Faculty/Dance-Movement Therapy Certificate Director

Kwiatkowski, Kelly

Kelly Kwiatkowski

Communications Manager

Macomber, Kelsey

Kelsey Macomber


Mcshane-Hellenbrand, Karen

Karen McShane-Hellenbrand

Administrative Staff/Teaching Faculty/Undergraduate Advisor/Recruitment Director

Parkins, Chell

Chell Parkins

Arnhold Director of Dance Education

Reynolds, Becca

Becca Reynolds

Building Manager

Roedl, Sally

Sally Roedl

Administrative Assistant

Russell, Tim

Tim Russell

Teaching Faculty/Music Director

Sexe, Elizabeth

Liz Sexe

Teaching Faculty

Skog, Marlene

Marlene Skog

Associate Professor

Stewart, Collette

Collette Stewart

Teaching Faculty/Pilates Certificate Director

Walker, Christopher

Chris Walker


Yu, Jin-Wen

Jin-Wen Yu

Chair, Professor

Zervou, Natalie

Natalie Zervou

Assistant Professor