Jin-Wen Yu

Chair, Professor


(608) 262-6655

121 Lathrop Hall

1050 University Ave

Madison, WI 53706-1304

Yu, Jin-Wen

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Jin-Wen Yu, EdD & MFA, Patrick M. Virginia Horne Henry-Bascom Professor of Dance, and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in the UW-Madison Dance Department, has created, performed, directed, and produced more than 100 works in the Americas and Asia, including 45 commissioned works for professionals and institutes. Before his study in the USA, he was a soloist for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world. Dr. Yu is a six-time gala concert winner of the American College Dance Association Conference. As the Past President of World Dance Alliance-Americas (WDA-A), he has directed international dance festivals in Madison, New York City, and Vancouver.

In 1999, he founded the Madison-based Jin-Wen Yu Dance and has been presenting its annual concert at Madison since. The company has performed nationally and internationally. Dr. Yu has received numerous grants, honors, commissions, and awards, such as the NEA grant, the Outstanding Dance Artist Award from Taiwan, the Wisconsin Arts Board Choreographer Award, the first Madison CitiARTS Commission Signature Grant, the Dane County Arts Grant, among others. Yu was invited to perform a solo at UNESCO in Paris for the Celebration Concert of the 2005 International Dance Day. His works and performances have been praised in many major newspapers: “Irresistible Yu captivates audience…He makes even the slightest movement powerful, beautiful and significant. Incredible,” Fort Worth Star- Telegram; “(Yu) moves with an athleticism and a grace befitting a star,” The Boston Globe; his artistry allows him to participate in the divine…throughout the concert he demonstrates that he’s achieved mastery,” Chicago Reader; among others.

In 2017 and 2018, his works were presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. His work was reviewed in the UK Dancing Times as one “full of finesse with some great partnering” work.


  • Ed D Dance, Temple University, 1994
  • MFA Dance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1991
  • BS , Chinese Culture University, 1985

Select Creative Works

  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Refresh," Madison, WI, Guatemala City, Guatemala. (2019).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "1-2-1," Madison and New York City. (2017).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Paged," Madison, Chicago, and New York City. (2017).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Paging into the Realm of Imagination," Madison, Chicago, New York City, and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. (2017).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Fine Without You/Me?," Madison, Chicago, New York City, and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. (2016).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Late Winter," Madison and Tokyo/Japan. (2016).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Water," Madison, New York City, and Tokyo/Japan. (2016).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Dis/connect I," American Dance Guild Concert, Madison and New York City. (2015).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "Time to Cut Space (2015)," Madison, Guatemala City, and New York City. (2015).
  • Yu, Jin-Wen (Choreographer), "It is You, You, and You.... (2014)," Madison, Chicago, New York City, and Tokyo/Japan. (2014).

Select Media Contributions

  • David Mead, Dancing Times, "Dance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe". (October, 2017).
  • Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle, "Droll ‘Ball’ game by a master of mirth”. (June, 2010). Media Link
    Review of Yu's choreographic and performance contributions (solo "Timing" and duet "The Other Side") to Scott Wells & Dancers "Ball-is-tic" concert in San Francisco, CA, 5/28 to 6/6/10.
  • Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune, "Hedwig Dances the Blues". (March, 2004).
  • Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Reader, "Hedwig Dances". (March, 2004).
  • Dana Gavin Frank, The Dallas Morning News, "A Night of Dancing and Storytelling in FW". (November, 2003).
  • Marcos Uzel, Folha Da Bahia, "Filosofia do gesto". (July, 2002).
  • Vico Lee, Taipei Times, "Dancing to Taipei Via Wisconsin". (August, 2001).
  • Thea Singer, The Boston Globe, "Jin-Wen Yu's 'Intercommunity' is disconnected". (June, 2001).
  • Victoria Looseleaf, Los Angeles Times, "Elegant Moments but a Weak Whole in Jin-Wen Yu Program". (April, 2001).
  • Lisa Coffman, Philadelphia City Paper, "Ed Groff and Jin-Wen Yu: Some-body's Autobiography". (June, 1997).
    May 30-June 5, 1997

Select Presentations

  • Yu, J. (2018, August - 2018, August). “Paging into the Realm of Imagination”. Performance presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Yu, J. (2017, August - 2017, August). “Fine Without Me/You?”. Performance presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Yu, J. (2017, April - 2017, April). Solo “On and Off,” Duet “Fine Without Me/You?” Duet “Water,” Quartet “Transit #4,” Quintet “Paged,” Sextet “Tree,” Group Dance of ten dancers “Dis/Connect: Juliet’s Story”. Concert presented at the Full Concert “Moments”, Chicago, IL.
  • Yu, J. (2016, August - 2016, August). “It is You and You and You…”. Performance presented at the Americas Dance Conference and Festival, Pueblo, Mexico.
  • Yu, J. (2016, July - 2016, July). “It is You and You and You…”, “Water,” “Late Winter,” and “Dis/Connect”. Performance presented at the Dance Bridge Project, Yokohama, Japan.
  • Yu, J. (2014, November - 2014, November). “It is you, you, and you…”. Performance presented at the TARI’14 International Dance Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Yu, J. (2013, July - 2013, August). “Passage” & “A World Where Alarm Clocks Ring in the Morning”. Performance presented at the America Dance Festival and Conference, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Yu, J. (2012, July - 2012, July). “Duet #1”. Performance presented at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Yu, J. (2011, July). “White Out”. Performance presented at the “Arte Ao Vivo, Rio Ao Vivo” Live Arts Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Yu, J. (2010, November - 2010, November). “of home and away”. presented at the International Dance Symposium for Hong Kong Dance Festival, Hong Kong, China.

Select Awards and Honors

  • Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, 2015
  • Patrick M. Virginia Horne Henry-Bascom Professor of Dance, (2020, 2025)
  • Hilldale Award in the Arts & Humanities, (2018, 2019)
  • Keynotes speaker, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2014 International Creativity Dance Conference, 2014
  • Invited to perform a solo in United Nation Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, France, UNESCO, 2005
  • Award of Choreography/Performance, Wisconsin Dance Council, 2004
  • National Gala Concert Winner, American College Dance Festival, 2000
  • Choreographer Award, Wisconsin Arts Board, 1999