Kelsey Macomber


Lathrop Hall
1050 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706-1304

Macomber, Kelsey

Kelsey Macomber has been teaching within the UW-Madison Dance Department since 2019, where she teaches Pilates and collaborates with the Pilates Teaching Certification Program within The University. She also received her Pilates teaching certification through this program in 2015, and she is thrilled to be back. Kelsey also teaches yoga, barre, Pilates, and Functional Fitness in several spaces around Madison, WI, and now virtually. She holds degrees in Psychology and in Neuroscience from UW- Madison, and she continues to expand her education and credentials.

She believes this work of cultivating body awareness and thoughtful movement is paramount to living healthily and happily. Based on the principles of The Pilates Method, Kelsey strives to teach elements of centering, control, concentration, precision, breath, and flow within each movement modality and expression. She also understands that each individual’s experience of movement is unique and offers adaptation and conversation within her teaching, no matter the class size. Kelsey hopes to educate and enable students and clients to find novel connections within their own bodies and their own potential, and tailors her instruction to accommodate specific challenges and goals. Ultimately, she believes fitness and moving well can be accessible to all, and she hopes to empower clients to unearth deep awareness of the strength, power, and potential of their own body and mind.