Course Policies

COVID-19 absence policy Fall 2020

This policy applies to all online, remote, and face-to-face classes in the Dance Department in Fall 2020.

Students are expected to monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 daily on the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker. If symptoms exist, do not come to class, immediately get tested, and quarantine.

There are no penalties to your progress or your grade for staying out of class because you are experiencing possible COVID-19 related symptoms or are required to quarantine. Email your instructor as soon as possible when possible symptoms require you to miss class. Your instructor will work with you to find alternate arrangements to support your academic progress in the course.

Students who are unable to make satisfactory academic progress in a course due to prolonged illness, or other reasons, should talk to their instructor about dropping the course or discuss whether the conditions of an incomplete grade are likely.