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School of Education
Lathrop Hall
1050 University Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin  53706

Tel: 608/262-1691
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Margaret H'Doubler Performance Space Technical Information


Claude Heintz, Theatre Director
(608) 262-2209

Dance Department Main Office       
(608) 262-1691  

Fax: (608) 265-3841

Seating Capacity

240 total seats, some obstructed view.
Seating Chart

Stage Information

  • Width: 34' to onstage edge of fixed black legs.
  • Depth: 31'-6" to black scrim. (35' to permanent white cyc)
  • Height: 20'-3" to fixed black borders.
  • Floor: Permanent "L'air" sprung dance floor with semi-permanent "Harlequin" marley type surface. 

Curtains and Rigging

  • No main curtain.
  • Proscenium opening is mauve velour curtain, legs and border, color matches seats.
  • No fly system: All curtains are fixed/dead-hung or travel on permanent tracks.
  • 5 Sets of fixed black velour legs.
  • 3 Fixed flat black borders.
  • 1 Permanent white cyc with opaque front/rear projection surface.
  • 1 Upstage black scrim, travels open and closed.
  • 1 Midstage white scrim, travels open and closed.
  • 1 9x12 Projection screen (flies) immediately behind main border.
  • Lighting is from fixed pipe grid 25'-6" above stage.
  • Additional rigging is Dead Hang Only at discretion of Technical Director.

Dressing Rooms

One room for warmup and costume/prop storage immediately backstage.  Men's and Women's locker rooms with mirrors and showers available near to backstage.  There is no backstage page/sound system. 


Lighting is from house repertory light plot. Rep plot includes:

  • Warm & Cool Shins
  • Warm & Cool Heads
  • One Set High Sides (warm SR, cool SL 9 areas)
  • Blue Backlight (9 areas)
  • Backlight with Color Changers (9 areas)
  • Top No-Color Pools (3x3) see image
  • Warm and Cool Back Diagonals
  • Light Blue and No-Color Front in 6 areas
  • Cyc Colors; upper and lower
  • 6 specials with Rosco I-Cue moving mirrors

Minimal changes are possible at discretion of the Technical Director.

Sound & Video

  • Mackie SR24-4 24 channel mixer
  • Main Speakers: House left and right
  • Stage Speakers: Side fill, downstage left and right
  • Behind cyc, upstage left and right
  • Cassette and CD players

Microphone lines, stage to booth (7) as follows:

  • 1 downstage right
  • 2 upstage right
  • 2 downstage left
  • 2 upstage left


  • 1 SM 57, general purpose/instrument
  • 1 SM 58, vocal
  • 2 PCC 160, floor
  • 2 Boom type mic stands


Specification Documents

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