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Student Performer Policy

Students who are taking a technique class in the Dance Department may audition to perform in the fall semester Faculty Concert and the spring semester Program Concert. Auditions are held during the first week of the semester and rehearsals are typically two times per week until the concert. Students may not be cast in more than three pieces in any concert. Students who are cast in a concert are eligible for a maximum of 1 credit of 451 Repertory per semester.

The Dance Department typically has a guest artist create or set a piece on students each semester. Auditions for the guest artist are held prior to the beginning of the semester. Rehearsals take place during a two or three week period before the concert and are usually every evening plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The schedule is arranged so that guest artist rehearsals do not prevent a student from also being cast in another piece.

Students may also perform in work created by student choreographers. There are showings of student work during each semester and there is a concert of student choreographers in the spring.

Expectations of Performers 

  • For the sake of the performer and the concert, each dancer is limited to being in no more than 3 pieces.
  • You are expected to be in the performing space 10 min prior to the scheduled tech times in case we finish early and to be ready to go when it is your turn.
  • You are expected to be at the performing space at your call time for tech, run-throughs, dress rehearsals, warm ups and performances.
  • If a dancer is late for a call during production week, they will not be permitted to perform in the next semester's concert.
  • During the Preview, and Tech Run, you may watch from the house. Under no circumstances should you disrespect the work on stage by moving around, warming up, talking, etc.
  • You are asked to sign in on the sheet in the backstage hallway when you arrive for your call, not after the warm-up.
  • During the performance, you should not be backstage, except just prior to taking the stage. If you can see the audience, they can see you. No "peeking" out from behind the curtains will be tolerated.
  • You should be in place backstage just before the piece preceding yours is finished. (During the applause is a good time to be in place.)
  • When you are backstage you need to be quiet and stay out of the way of other performers and out of sight of the audience. Do not stand in the wings, especially in front of the side lights.
  • When entering the performing space from the upstage hallway, be careful when going past the black curtain so that light does not leak into the performing space.
  • If you (or someone else) disturbs a light, please let the stage manager know right away.
  • Check with your choreographer and/or the stage manager before you leave any rehearsal.
  • You are expected to help strike immediately after the final performance. The theatre director must sign you out before you leave strike.
  • Please, no food or drink backstage or in the house. Never, eat, drink, or smoke in costume. Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.
  • The production week can be tedious for everyone. Please respect all the work that everyone involved in the production is doing. Do not, fool around, make remarks about other performers and pieces, or otherwise disrupt the rehearsal. We are counting on everyone to make this the best possible concert.

Thank you. We hope you have a rewarding experience in this show.

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