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Dance Department Presents Annual Kloepper Concert  

The UW-Madison Dance Department presents the 2014 Kloepper Concert, a studio performance of new student work in the Kloepper Studio, 549 Lathrop Hall, Saturday, December 6 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, December 7 at 2:30 p.m. See new choreography from student dance artists Alexis Aguilar, Charlotte Baptie, Molly Hodgson, Courtney Kuhn, Kelsey Londo, Nicolette Meunier, Sarah Schwab, Jayme Shimooka, Shauna Shrewsbury, Brigid Transon, and the Freshman Workshop.

The concert will be a mix of thoughtful, exploratory solo and group works. A handful deal with the body and relationships, there are pieces that search for meaning or reflect upon experience, and others that address human interactions and reactions.

This studio concert is named for Louise Kloepper, former chair of the Dance Department. Kloepper came to the UW in 1942 to study dance, after almost a decade teaching and dancing with the Hanya Holm School and Company. In 1942, she was the first dance professional admitted as a dance student at the UW-Madison campus. The same year she graduated, in 1946, she became an assistant professor at UW-Madison. Kloepper was a distinguished teacher of dance technique and composition, serving as artistic director and producer for many faculty-student presentations. She chaired the program for several years and was a professor of dance until she retired in 1975.

Professor Emerita Anna Nassif said Kloepper was “a humanist who followed the ideas of John Dewey and Margaret H'Doubler” someone who “put her faith in each student's ability and talent to grow into a teacher, artist, therapist by his or her own effort and motivation.” This studio concert of student works is aptly named, as it represents an opportunity for creative growth for students in a space—Studio 549, Lathrop Hall—dedicated to Kloepper.

Tickets are $5 and can only be purchased in advance of the show. Seating is very limited.

There will be a post-performance reception Saturday, December 6 with the choreographers and performers in the Virginia Harrison Parlor, Lathrop Hall.  Refreshments will be served.

Contact Kelly Kwiatkowski for tickets or more information (kkwiatkowski@wisc.edu, 608-262-2353).


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