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Admissions and Application Information

Freshman Admissions

Prospective students must first file an undergraduate application with the UW-Madison Office of Admissions. See Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment for applications and deadlines. Students interested in pursuing a dance degree must gain acceptance to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and pass the audition to major in dance. For information on the dance department application process, go to how to apply.

Current UW-Madison Students 

Current UW-Madison students should obtain and submit a professional program application, along with transcripts from all other colleges or universities attended, to Education Academic Services (EAS), Room 139 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall, at any time during the academic year. Applications cannot be processed without a complete academic record. (A transfer credit evaluation cannot be accepted in place of a transcript.) Current UW-Madison students are admitted to the dance degree program at the end of each semester, after the previous semester grades are reported. Students must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least a 2.5 on the UW-Madison campus, as modified by the last 60 credits rule.

Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to UW-Madison must file an undergraduate application with the UW-Madison Office of Admissions and must complete the procedures for "Current UW-Madison Students" above. See Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment for applications and deadlines. Note that transfer students will be held to the UW-Madison admission GPA requirements.


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