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Summer Online Dance Courses 2020

Dance 001 Hip Hop *Online* 1 credit
Class #49075
M,W,F 9-10:25 a.m.
6/22-8/02/20 | 6 weeks 
Instructor: AJ Juarez
This online technique class will introduce the Hip-Hop form of dance, where students will learn variations of the form and its roots, exploring dance styles that include, street, swag, house, popping, locking, breaking, and contemporary.

Dance 100 Understanding Dance *Online* 
1 credit
Class #46010
5/18-6/14/20 | 4 weeks 
Instructor: Karen McShane-Hellenbrand
This intro course builds understanding and appreciation dance and its' many facets.  It integrates theoretical, historical, and embodied learning through viewing, reading, reflecting, discussing and finally, creating. The course will develop students as informed audience members and encourage relevance to other disciplines.

Dance 121 Asian American Movement *Online* 3 credits
Class #49069
T-F 11:00-1:10 p.m.
7/6-8/16/20 | 6 weeks
Instructor: TBA
Satisfies Ethnic Studies req
This course introduces students to Asian American ethnic and cultural identities through the practice of Asian American movement forms, which are centered on the building blocks of breath and the focused mind. Students will have the opportunity to experience Asian American dance forms and martial arts as a basis for exploring Asian American poetry, music and immigration history.

Dance 135 Pilates Mat I *Online*
 1 credit
Class #49051
M,T,R 2:00-3:10 p.m.
6/22-8/2/20  | 6 weeks
Instructor: Collette Stewart
Pilates is a physical conditioning program that creates balance, improves posture, decompresses joints and creates elongated, toned muscles. The exercises focus on core strength, breath, and a flexible spine. Pilates Mat I will teach students the Level I-III Mat exercises. Students explore functional anatomy and imagery-based alignment.

Dance 168 Dancing Gender *Online* 3 credits
Class #46011
6/22-8/16/20 | 8 weeks
Instructor: Liz Sexe
Gender theories and feminist theories focus on the body as the main site where gender distinctions are understood. As the body holds a central position in the art of dance and the academic discipline of dance studies, this course explores gender and feminist theories through the lens of dance.

Dance 268 Political and Cultural Perspectives in Dance Studies
 *Online* 3 credits
Class #48522
5/26-7/5/20 | 6 weeks
Instructor: Diamond Howell
Prereq: Sophomore standing
This course examines the role of dance as a cultural form of expression within the political sphere. It draws on a variety of case studies ranging from popular dance TV shows, to European modern dance and from hip-hop to dancing at public protests and asks the question of what constitutes dance and what is its social and political function? 

Dance 318 West African Dance/Music in the Americas *Online* 
3 credits
Class #47167
6/15-7/26.20 | 6 weeks
Instructor: Chris Walker
Satisfies Ethnic Studies req
Prereq: Sophomore standing
This course will explore the rich music and dance heritage of some of the West African peoples in the context of their dynamic historical, artistic and political cultures prior to and including the intense European expansion into West Africa beginning in the fifteenth century. We will consider the aesthetics and values of the West African culture as reflected in the dance, art, sculpture and study how these continued, and yet were changed by, the powerful forces of the Diaspora experience such as slavery, oppression, and enforced conversion in nearly all aspects of human life.  

Dance 345 Video Design
for the Performing and Visual Arts *Online* 
3 credits
Class #49065
M-W 12-2:00 p.m. & R 12-2:30 p.m.
6/8-7/19/20 | 6 weeks
Instructor: Li Chiao-Ping
Prereq: Dance major, Dance 255 or consent of instructor
This course provides technical and aesthetic knowledge of the use of video camera and editing techniques, an introduction to digital video, and the relationship of video to the performing and visual arts.  
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