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2019 Summer Dance Courses

*ONLINE* Dance 100: Dance Appreciation

with Karen McShane-Hellenbrand
May 20-June 16
1 credit
​Meets Breadth Req in Humanities

About this Course
Are you looking for an elective credit? Want to learn about dance and dance performance? Dance 100 Dance Appreciation is a one-credit lecture course that offers students an opportunity to dive into and learn the nuts and bolts of dance. This introductory course builds understanding and appreciation for the field of Dance. This is an elementary level course that fulfills the breadth requirement in humanities.

Dance 121: Asian American Movement

with Peggy Choy
May 28-June 16, 2018
MTWRF 9:00AM-1:15PM
249 Lathrop Hall
3 credits
Meets Ethnic Studies Req

About this Course
In Asian American Movement (Dance 121), we will explore techniques of exercises and movement forms derived from several Asian cultures as taught in the United States. Each technique and piece will be studied in the context of the construction and expression of ethnic and cultural identity.

This course introduces students to Asian American ethnic and cultural identities as negotiated by the practice of Asian/Asian American movement forms centered on the building blocks of breath and the focused mind. It is open to all students who want to experience Asian/Asian American dance forms and martial arts as a basis for exploring Asian American poetry, music and immigration history. Together, we will explore what it means to be an artist in the 21st century while rising to our own next level of excellence. This is an excellent course for students interested in: History, Anthropology, Dance, Ethnic Studies, Music, Poetry, Asian American Studies, Physical therapy, Martial Arts, Somatics, and Meditation.

*ONLINE* Dance 168: Dancing Gender

with Liz Sexe
July 8–August 18
3 credits
​Meets Breadth Req in Humanities

About this Course
Gender theories and feminist theories focus on the body as the main site where gender distinctions are understood. As the body holds a central position in the art of dance and the academic discipline of dance studies, this course explores gender and feminist theories through the lens of dance.

Course Content
Students will learn how the body is treated as a site inscribed and defined by social hierarchies and power structures, and the discussions will, therefore, become increasingly more complex to encompass race, ethnicity, and social status as definitive factors of gendered identity. The class will also move beyond dance performance into examples of political protests and feminist activism to examine how we can view such instances as performances, and what dance studies methodologies have to offer for understanding and analyzing pedestrian performative actions.

The course is introductory. No prior experience in dance, gender studies, or women’s studies is required.

Course Units:
Unit #1: Introduction To Dance Studies, Gender Studies & Feminism
Unit #2: Queer Dance & Performativity
Unit #3: Global Dance Perspectives
Unit #4: Politicizing Gender

Pilates Studio I

with Collette Stewart
June 3-July 7
MTWR 2:00PM-5:30PM
502 Lathrop Hall
3 credits

About this Course
Pilates Studio I is designed to give students experience in teaching Pilates, which includes private, semi-private, and small group sessions. Classes give student-teachers class structure formats, including an understanding of the instructor to student relationship, pacing of class sessions, and the physical detail with which Pilates is taught.

*ONLINE* Dance 268: Political and Cultural Perspectives in Dance Studies

with Natalie Zervou
July 8-August 18
3 credits
​Meets Breadth Req in Humanities & Soc Sciences

About this Course
Political and Cultural Perspectives in Dance Studies (Dance 268) examines the role of dance as a cultural form of expression within the political sphere. It draws on a variety of case studies ranging from popular dance TV shows, to European modern dance, to hip-hop, to dancing at public protests and asks the questions:

  • What constitutes dance?
  • What is its social and political function?
Dance 268 is an intermediate level course. No prior dance experience is required.
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