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Course Descriptions

Visit the Undergraduate Catalog or the Course Guide by directly logging in to your My UW account, or the Timetable to see a schedule of course offerings and descriptions.

Course Listings

Below is a list of our Department's courses. This list provides a general overview of courses that may be offered by the Dance Department. For a list of current courses being taught by the Dance Department, go to the Undergraduate Catalog.

1 Workshop in Dance Activity
2 Ballroom Dance I
3 Ballroom Dance II
4 Modern Jazz Dance
5 Modern Jazz Dance II
11 Contemporary Dance  I
12 Contemporary Dance II
13 Contemporary Dance III
25 Ballet I
26 Ballet II
27 Ballet III
56 Movement Improvisation
111 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory I
112 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory II
116 Workshop in World Dance
118 African Dance
119 Caribbean Traditional Follk Technique and Theory I
121 Asian American Movement
125 Ballet Technique I
126 Ballet Technique II
131 Somatic Theory and Practices
132 Body Practice Workshop
135 Pilates Mat I
136 Pilates Equipment Lab I
140 Dance Production
144 Rhythmic Training for Dancers
152 Dance Performance Workshop
156 Movement as Material through Improvisation
157 Intro. To Movement Analysis
159 Collaborative Arts Workshop
162 First Year Workshop
168 Dancing Gender: Embodiment, Politics, and Feminist Theory 
165 World Dance Cultures: Traditional to Contemporary
200 Writing the Moving Body
205 Dance (for PE)
211 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory III
212 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory IV
213 New Movement Techniques
218 African Dance Performance
225 Ballet Technique III
226 Ballet Technique IV
231 Intro. To Dance Movement Therapy
232 Intro. To Dynamics of Dance Therapy
235 Pilates Mat II
236 Pilates Equipment Lab II
237 Pilates Studio I
240 Dance Production Lab
241 Music Fundamentals for Dancers
249 Survey of Interarts and Technology
255 Movement Composition for the Performing & Visual Arts
259 Collaborative Arts Performance Lab
265 Dance History I: Dance Art from the Renaissance to the 1950's
268 Political and Cultural Perspectives in Dance Studies 
311 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory V
312 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory VI
318 Cultural Cross Currents: W African Dance/Music in the Americas
321 Javanese Performance
325 Ballet Technique V
326 Ballet Technique VI
330 Functional Anatomy for Movement Practices
331 Dynamics of Dance Therapy
332 Dynamics of Dance Therapy
336 Pilates Equipment Lab III
337 Pilates Studio II
341 Sound Design for the Performing and Visual Arts
345 Video Design for the Performing & Visual Arts
355 Dance Composition II
360 Current Topics in Dance: Workshop
365 Dance History II: Directions and Issues of Contemporary Dance
371 Creative Dance for Children
372 Teaching of Dance to Adults
374 Teaching Dance
375 Pilates Teaching Methods
376 Pilates Student Teaching I
379 Practicum in Dance
399 Independent Project
411 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory VII
412 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory VIII
421 Javanese Performance Repertory
425 Ballet Technique IV
426 Ballet Technique IV-B
431 Dance Therapy Practicum
441 Advanced Sound Design
445 Advanced Video Design
451 Dance Repertory Theater
452 Dance Repertory Theater
455 Dance Composition III
462 Senior Seminar
463 Senior Project
465 History of Western Theatrical Dance
469 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts
474 Elementary School Dance Student Teaching
476 Pilates Student Teaching II
477 Middle or Secondary School Dance Student Teaching
541 Multimedia Sound Design
551 Dance Repertory Theater
552 Dance Repertory Theater
555 Advanced Composition
560 Current Topics in Dance: Workshop
569 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts
633 Theory and Philosophy of Dance
669 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts
699 Independent Project
775 Lecture Demonstration in Dance
776 Dance Curriculum Practices
955 Seminar- Dance
990 Research or Thesis
999 Independent Project


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