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The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - Dance

The B.F.A. degree program is for students with a strong interest and aptitude in dance and/or professional dance theatre. It requires 85 dance credits and an additional five GER/LSR credits. Students who earn B.F.A. degree in an area of dance study will have a strong liberal arts foundation with which to dance and teach professionally, to continue their studies in dance on the graduate level, or to enter a variety of other fields after graduation. Possible dance-related careers include teaching in universities, and private studios; performing, choreographing for the stage, video, and film; dance therapy, dance criticism, dance research, and many others.

Each freshmen cohort is assigned a faculty advisor who works with the group until graduation. In their first year all dance majors receive targeted advisement from Karen McShane-Hellenbrand.  Faculty Advisors assist students in choosing classes, and evaluating their degree path and progress. Students undergo a yearly review with a faculty panel to assess the student’s progress in their degree program. Faculty advisors in the department include: Kate Corby, Andrea Harris, Li Chiao-Ping, Marlene Skog, Chris Walker and Jin-Wen Yu.

​Major Requirements for the B.F.A. Degree in Dance

NOTE: Students should refer to the UW-Madison undergraduate catalog for official degree information and see their advisor before finalizing course schedules.

Discipline-related GER/LSR. Complete 5 credits:

Anat 329 Human Anatomy-Kinesiology OR 560 Anatomy for Dancers, 2 Credits
200 Writing the Moving Body, 3 credits 


Dance Technique & Theory. Complete 38 credits:

111-412 Contemporary Dance Technique & Theory, 18 credits (9 cr must be from 311 or above)        
125-426 Ballet Technique, 14 credits (10 credits must be 225 or above)  
Choose from: 001 Hip Hop; 001 Tai Ji; 116 Workshop in World Dance Activity; 118 African Dance; 121 Asian American Movement; 218 African Dance Performance; and 321 Javanese Performance, 6 credits


Body Studies and Critical & Creative Investigations. Complete 47 credits:

Choose from 4 credits from: 001 Yoga; 132 Workshop in Body Studies and Practice; 135/235 Pilates Mat I or II; 136/236/336 Pilates Equipment Lab I, II, or III; and 213 New Movement Techniques
Music 151 Basic Concepts of Music, 3 credits
131 Somatic Theory & Practices, 2 credits
140 Dance Production, 2 credits
156 Movement as Material through Improvisation, 2 credits
157 Intro to Movement Analysis, 2 credits
162 First Year Workshop, 1 credit
241* Music Fundamentals, 3 credits
255** Movement Composition for the Performing & Visual Arts, 2 credits
265 Dance History I: Dance Art from the Renaissance to the 1950’s, 3 credits
341 Sound Design for the Perf & Visual Arts OR 345 Video Design for the Perf & Visual Arts, 3 credits
355 Dance Composition II, 2 credits
365 Dance History II: Directions and Issues of Contemporary Dance, 3 credits
371-374 Dance Pedagogy Course, 3 credits
451-552 Dance Repertory Theater, 6 credits
455 Dance Composition III, 2 credits
462 Senior Seminar, 3 credits
463 Senior Project, 1 credit

* Please note: Dance 241 Music Fundamentals has Music 151 or consent of instructor as a prerequisite.
**Students must create one solo and one group piece (trio or greater) after completion of 255. These works must be faculty approved for public presentation in a concert.

BFA Dance degree sheet


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