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Dance Department Degree Offerings

The Dance Department offers two bachelor’s degree programs, the Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S. Dance) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A. Dance), and three certificates: the Dance Certificate, Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate and the Pilates Certificate.

The B.S. degree provides wide theoretical and practical study of dance and is a good option for students wishing to pursue a major in another discipline. It requires 57 dance credits plus an additional five GER/LSR credits. The B.F.A. degree program is for students with a strong interest and aptitude in dance and/or professional dance theatre. It requires 85 dance credits and an additional five GER/LSR credits.

Students who earn bachelor degrees in an area of dance study will have a strong liberal arts foundation with which to dance and teach professionally, to continue their studies in dance on the graduate level, or to enter a variety of other fields after graduation. Possible dance-related careers include teaching in universities, and private studios; performing, choreographing for the stage, video, and film; dance therapy, dance criticism, dance research, and many others. 

A Dance Certificate provides an adjunctive qualification and strength for students in other majors and fields who also have an interest in Dance. Dance certificates do not prepare one for licensure to teach dance in elementary or secondary schools. Students are first eligible to apply for the Dance Certificate while enrolled in the second dance major technique course. The application to declare a certificate is available online. The general Dance Certificate and the Certificate in Introductory Studies in Dance/Movement Therapy are each 24 credit programs. The Pilates Certificate is 20 credits.

Each freshmen cohort is assigned a faculty advisor who works with the group until graduation. In their first year all dance majors receive targeted advisement from Karen McShane-Hellenbrand.  Faculty Advisors assist students in choosing classes, and evaluating their degree path and progress. Students undergo a yearly review with a faculty panel to assess the student’s progress in their degree program. Faculty advisors in the department include: Kate Corby, Andrea Harris, Li Chiao-Ping, Marlene Skog, Chris Walker and Jin-Wen Yu.

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