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Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space

The Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space is a dance theatre and is primarily used for UW-Dance Department performances, classes and rehearsals.  During the regular Fall and Spring semesters, when the performance space is not in use for these Dance Department activities, it is occasionally available for other events.  The Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space is NOT available for rental during winter and spring breaks or during the summer.

The Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space is not a general purpose facility and may not be appropriate for all events.    Rental of the Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space for non-dance ​type performances may not be possible.  There are very specific and strict restrictions on what may be placed on the stage.  ​In general, shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.  

Use of the performance space for outside activities is subject to availability, staffing by the Dance Department and incurs facility use fees.  Use of the performance space requires a completed Facility Use Agreement to be reviewed and approved by the School of Education.  Non-University uses are also subject to insurance requirements and approval by University of Wisconsin Business Services.  Priority for the use of the space ​beyond the Dance Department is given to UW organizations presenting dance performances, UW departments with instruction related performances, other UW groups and finally organizations outside of UW-Madison.

If you would like to use the Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space for your event, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Consult with the Dance Department Theatre Director about the availability of the theatre and the appropriateness of your event for the dance space.

  2. Complete a Facility Use Agreement Request and obtain a Facility Use Agreement including an estimate of Facility Use Fees from the Dance Department Theatre Director.

  3. The Facility Use Agreement, along with the estimate of fees and a deposit (if required) is submitted by the Theatre Director to the School of Education for approval no less than one month prior to the event.

  4. The event is approved and the space is reserved for your use once the signed Use Agreement is returned to the Dance Department from the School of Education and you receive a copy.

Use Agreement Request (PDF) 

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