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Dance News

The Discussion Project team is now accepting applications for the fall 2018 cohort, and invites all UW-Madison faculty and teaching staff who are assigned to teach at least one course for the fall semester, and are able to attend all sessions, to apply. The Discussion Project is a campus professional development program that will train participants how to create productive discussions with students on serious topics in a welcoming, engaging and academically rigorous classroom. Paula McAvoy created and is implementing The Discussion Project in collaboration with School of Education Dean Diana Hess.
The UW-Madison Dance Department on Thursday, June 14 is presenting a restaging of Anna Halprin’s historic “Paper Dance” at the Memorial Union's Frederik March Play Circle Theater. This work is a section of Halprin's​ 1965 "Parades and Changes." It is an ever-evolving dance that includes a distinct, well-known, process-based score and the dressing and undressing of the cast. The intention of the score, according to Halprin, “is to comment on the corporate world, with business suits as costume, removing them ceremoniously and revealing our naked unarmed nature, the whole body.” Halprin is an alumna of UW-Madison.
The Grand Challenges initiative developed in UW–Madison’s School of Education, which aims to ignite cross-disciplinary innovation, has awarded grants to four projects that display the potential to transform lives by supporting young people and families in Wisconsin. “I am so excited about how the Grand Challenges initiative has provided support for our faculty and staff to work in collaboration with community organizations and others from across UW–Madison to develop new interdisciplinary teams,” says School of Education Dean Diana Hess.
A film from UW-Madison's Kate Corby, "Hungars Beach," was shown at two dance film festivals during the past two months. Corby is an associate professor with the School of Education's Dance Department. “Hungars Beach” is about a woman suffering the loss of her brother. On March 25, there was a screening of "Hungars Beach" ​during the 2018 Tiny Dance Film Festival in San Francisco, California. On April 19, "Hungars Beach" was shown as part of the 2018 Jacksonville Dance Film Festival in Jacksonville, Florida.
UW-Madison's Joseph Koykkar's multiple musical compositions have been performed across the Midwest this spring. Koykkar is a composer and professor with the School of Education's Dance Department.
The UW-Madison Dance Department and the UW-Madison Community Arts Collaboratory present the Performing Ourselves Spring Showcase "Better Together" on May 5. The event will feature approximately 125 youth from schools and community centers across Madison who, through their choreography, will illustrate what it means to be connected and “better together” as a group. The program, which is co-directed by ​UW-Madison's Kate Corby, an associate professor with the School of Education's Dance Department, and Mariah LeFeber, has provided a series of experiential movement and performance classes to over 250 underserved local youth throughout the past year.
UW-Madison's Collette Stewart and Liz Sexe will present the shared concert, "Crossing Between," on Saturday, April 28, at The Crossing. Stewart and Sexe are lecturers with the School of Education's Dance Department.
This year's annual Dance Department H’Doubler student concert “from within” will be performed April 19-21 at the Margaret H'Doubler Performance Space in Lathrop Hall on the UW-Madison campus. The concert will feature the contemporary dance works from student choreographers John Paul Alejandro, Kimi Evelyn, Amanda Graziano, Elisa Hildner, Aliya Mayers, Megan Schimke, Alice Svetic, Annee Welbel, Sam Welbel and the Sophomore Cohort.
Kimi McKissic's solo, "John 3:16: Lost in Translation," was selected for adjudication at the 2018 ACDA North-Central Conference, hosted on the UW-Madison campus from March 21-25. McKissic's performance in the first of five adjudicated concerts earned her a spot in the Gala Concert. Her Gala Concert performance was also selected as the second alternate for the National festival.
UW-Madison’s School of Education and many of its programs are consistently ranked among the very best in the nation. One of the main reasons is the many dedicated and talented faculty and staff who work across the School. In an effort to recognize some of these important individuals, the School administers Faculty and Staff Distinguished Achievement Awards. And on April 4, Dean Diana Hess led the School’s annual awards ceremony to honor this year’s recipients. Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners and thanks for making the UW-Madison School of Education such an amazing place.
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